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We need to know if you are qualified to operate the boat you are chartering.

You don’t have to submit this form:

1. when you selected to get a captain
2. you are a repeat customer/operator and submitted the form before

Charterer/Operator Types of Operated propulsion systems
Operators/Charterer Confirm Minimum Age 21
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Operator 1 Types of Operated propulsion systems

Operator 2 Types of Operated propulsion systems
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Operators and Charterer must show their Driver License at Check in

Please start another form for another OPERATOR.

The CHARTERER / OPERATORS certifies that CHARTERER / OPERATORS are experienced, licensed, if applicable and competent in the handling and operation of a Vessel of the type named in this CHARTER Reservation, that CHARTERER / OPERATORS have sufficient practical knowledge of seamanship, piloting, and Rules-of-the -Road to properly exercise full authority over the Vessel and is under the command of a competent person. A competent person must have a minimum of two years of experience operating vessels of a similar type and size (within 10 feet) to the Scheduled Vessel, have no marine losses in the last ten years, no violations/suspensions (including auto) in the last five years and no criminal convictions or pleas of no contest ever. The Charterer agrees that the Charterer will not allow the Vessel to be operated by any person not qualified during the Charter Period.