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Pick The Right Destination

South and South West Florida offers great locations and ways to go by Boat. The best way to explore is using the Inter coastal Waterways.


South Florida

➽ Starting from Fort Lauderdale you can go North or South between Latitude 25 North to Latitude 27 North or just stay in the Area and enjoy the Venice of Florida. Cursing by Mansions and Marinas, anchored on a Sandbar in the middle of Ft Lauderdale.

➽ Going north takes you through Pompano Beach, Hillsborough Beach, Boca Raton, Highland Beach, Delray Beach and more. The Mansions are just getting bigger and more glamorous.

➽ Going south takes you through the Cruise ship harbor to Hallandale Beach Bay Harbor into Miami. Here are the Skyscrapers are just getting taller and crazier.

➽ Both ways you’ll find Sandbars and Creeks to swim dive and play as well as Bars and Restaurants to dock and enjoy.



➽ Be prepared, plan your trip.

➽ We recommend downloading one of many online navigation apps like NAVIONICS or KNOWWAKE to find your ways safe.